Who We Are



Brooke Lehman

brookeBrooke has been active as an educator and facilitator in NYC since the mid 80s. She was a founding member of the Direct Action Network in the late 90s and of Bluestockings Bookstore, a feminist worker’s cooperative bookstore in the LES. Brooke has serves on the faculty of the Institute for Social Ecology, as well as on the Steering Committee of Solidaire, a radical funders network, and the Board of the Schumacher Center for New Economics. Brooke leads workshops on generative communication, Non-Violent Action, and structuring democratic organizations, and works as an organizational transformation consultant for social justice organizations. Her true passion, however, is match-making and turtle whispering.

Gregg Osofsky

gregg-portrait-2400Gregg is a certified Somatics Coach with a background in small business operations, website design and development, and community organizing. Gregg grew up farming on his family’s dairy and at a very young age stepped into the role of CFO of Hammertown, his family’s small business both ten miles from Watershed. Gregg brings all of this experience to his work incubating and supporting new worker cooperatives, non-profits, and local businesses. Gregg is a member of the Board of Kite’s Nest (Hudson, NY) and of the local Rail Trail Committee. He holds a B.S. from Stanford University in Environmental Science and Technology and loves to run in the trails behind Watershed with dogs and humans.

Walter Hergt

Walter is a photographer, videographer, carpenter, and a community organizer. Walter holds a Masters degree in Political Science from CUNY Graduate Center; he is the former director of the Institute for Social Ecology’s Sustainable Design, Building and Land-use program; and worked for 16 years as a custom builder and energy-efficiency renovator. Walter brings to The Watershed Center a breadth of experience on issues ranging from disaster relief and housing rights to independent media creation. His present passion is using audio and visual storytelling for social change.


Vemilo is a performance artist, poet, song writer, fashion designer, DJ and Lady Gaga aficionado. He is a home grown Millerton original. Whether in the Watershed kitchen or on a concert stage, Javon exudes courage, talent and so much damn charisma.  His goal is to spread peace and love around the whole world through art and music — and at the ripe age of 20, he is well on his way.



Katie Gibson

Katie is a born and bred Hudson Valley local. She grew up in the neighboring town of Staatsburg and moved to Millerton two years ago, in order to join our team at the Watershed Center. In addition to her work as our lead house cleaner, decorator and all round beautifier, Katie is a certified home health aid, a professional caterer and is fluent in ASL. She is also a devoted mother to her two beautiful and spirited young children, Owen and Claire.





Carinne Luck

Carinne LuckCarinne is an organizer and campaign strategist who works with emerging and established groups to build healthy and effective organizations with membership engagement and grassroots organizing at their core. Most recently, Carinne has been working with the domestic worker movement and she co-founded the If Not Now collective. Carinne was a founding staff member at J Street, she worked at MoveOn.org, and is a proud board member of The Wildfire Project. Carinne has been increasingly investigating ways to integrate her personal and political transformation work and as part of this work, is excited to be participating in The Interdependence Project Year-Long Meditation Teacher Training Program.



Booker is a facilitator, trainer, public speaker, consultant and yoga teacher. She has shared the practices of yoga and meditation to incarcerated populations in juvenile detention centers in NYC, Riker’s Island and San Quentin Prison since 2007. Booker is committed to supporting the sustainability of those on the front lines and in direct service through workshops and retreats, and leads national diversity and social justice trainings to yoga teachers. She will graduate from Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leader’s Training in the Spring of 2017.

Alan Goodman

Alan GoodmanAlan has been a professor of Biological Anthropology at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts for three decades. Alan and his students combine science and social justice. He has previously served as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty as well as the Dean of the School of Natural Sciences. Alan has also been deeply involved with the discipline of anthropology, including serving as President of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), with 11,000 members, the world’s largest professional organization of anthropologists. At the AAA, Goodman helped guide a large public education project on race and racism and currently co-directs this project, which includes an award winning museum exhibit, website (understandingrace.org) and book (Understanding Race, 2012, by Goodman, Moses and Jones, Wiley-Blackwell). He was a long serving associate director of the New York African Burial Ground Project and a member of the National Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation (NAGPRA) review committee.

Gabriella Callender

Gabriella Callender

Gabriella is a singer, songwriter, poet, educator and community organizer.  Her art, educational work and community activism is inspired by her life experience of being an adoptee, lesbian, female of color who has not only survived childhood abuse but thrives in a self created life of empowerment and possibility. Her story is featured in the documentary, Anomaly The Film, which offers a compelling look at the experiences of people of mixed ethnicity. Much of her music serves to raise the consciousness and create an opening for dialogue about our Human/African origins and highlight the history of human modes of survival, control, greed and generosity. Gabriella has performed all over the United States and is the Musical Director of the three womyn performance group Mahina Movement.

Margot Seigle

Margot Seigle

Margot is a movement builder & donor organizer with a knack for organizing transformative retreats who currently resides and works at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Connecticut.  Margot is a founding organizer of the Lefty Jewish Shabbaton, a retreat that brings lefty Jews together for political discussion, healing and celebration and of the Regenerative Finance project of Resource Generation, a new economics project moving money into disenfranchised communities to shift power. She fills her time with music, singing, outdoor adventures, creating art, cooking and telling bedtime stories to little ones.