Who We Are


Brooke Lehman

Brooke Lehman

Brooke has been active as an educator and facilitator in NYC since the mid 80s. She was a founding member of the Direct Action Network, Bluestockings Bookstore and Solidaire. Brooke has served on Boards of the Institute for Social EcologySchumacher Center for New Economics, and Center for Whole Communities. She leads workshops on generative communication, direct action, yoga, and structuring organizations, and works as a consultant for social justice organizations. Her true passion, however, is match-making and spending time with her daughter Evie.

Gregg Osofsky

Gregg Osofsky

Gregg is a certified Somatics Coach with a background in small business operations, website design and development, and community organizing. Gregg grew up farming on his family’s dairy and at a very young age stepped into the role of CFO of Hammertown, his family’s small business both ten miles from Watershed. Gregg brings all of this experience to his work incubating and supporting non-profits and local businesses. Gregg is a member of the Board of Kite’s Nest and of the local Rail Trail Committee. He can be found running with dogs in the woods behind Watershed. 

Kasssandra Gonzalez

Kasssandra Gonzalez 

Kasssandra has served Watershed in numerous capacities over the past 4 years, from intern to Retreats Administrative Assistant. Born and bred in the South Bronx Kasssandra is an undergraduate student studying Anthropology. Kasssandra has been organizing around gentrification and police brutality since a very young age through Brotherhood / Sister Soul. When not organizing, Kasssandra can be found watching obscure foreign films or reading about art history.

Katie Gibson

Katie Gibson

Katie is a Dutchess County native, who’s adventurous soul explored living in Long Island, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, prior to returning home to the Hudson Valley. Katie is a proud, hard working single mother of two beautiful children, Owen and Claire and their spirited young pup, Champ. Katie has been a beloved member of the Watershed team since 2015. She manages both Watershed’s office and housekeeping operations. In addition to her work at Watershed, Katie works as an event coordinator/wedding planner. Katie is fluent in sign language – C.O.D.A, and in her free time she can be found working in her garden and solving puzzles.

Roberto E

Roberto Esquivel

Roberto is truly an artist of many trades. He brings to Watershed 7 years of experience as a farm-to-table chef, as well as experience with stone masonry, carpentry, leather work, wood carving, and landscaping. Roberto has transformed the Watershed woods, using stonework and carpentry to build a stunning waterfall trail. Roberto is the father of three daughters and he plays 8 instruments in a local bachata band. When not doing any of these things — he can be found making earthwork sculptures in the Watershed stream.


Vemilo Evergreen

Vemilo is a performance artist, poet, song writer, fashion designer, DJ and Lady Gaga aficionado. He is a home grown Millerton original. Whether in the Watershed kitchen or on a concert stage, Javon exudes courage, talent and so much damn charisma.  Vemilo’s goal is to spread peace and love through art and music, which he also brings to lucky Watershed groups many Saturday nights through his multi-medium, sequin studded and irresistibly participatory show “Amalgamation.” vemilomusic.com

Julianna Vasquez

Julianna is a singer, actress, teacher, organizer, and Watershed’s Retreats Coordinator. Julianna began her community organizing journey just after high school with a character education program called Next Generation Academy, which brought her to the West Coast, Mexico, and Rwanda. She then went on to organize open mic nights in NYC, while studying music at Hunter College. Julianna furthered her passions working at arts organizations in New Orleans and the Berkshires. She is currently studying business leadership and arts management. When not working or studying, Julianna can be found singing or cuddling with her dog Miel and partner Curtis.

Board of Directors

Alonda “Snowbird” Powell-Johnson

Alonda is Clan Mother of the Schaghticoke First Nations. Protecting Tribal culture, history tradition and ceremony are integral in Alonda’s role. Alonda is a substance-abuse counselor with an extensive background in the areas of mental health, addiction counseling, child advocacy, criminal justice and veteran affairs. Alonda has recently become a birth doula. Alonda is a fountain of wisdom and was a grounded support on Watershed’s advisory board.

Celia Kutz

Celia has been facilitating and training in the movement for social change for 15+ years, primarily with Training for Change as Core Trainer and former Co-Director. She has led direct actions, organized neighborhood residents, and coordinated first-aid and wellness for activists. Celia supports movement leaders to learn from tension, disorientation and conflict and to grow in an embodied and authentic way.  Her practice is guided by her work with Sacred Vibes Apothecary, Process Work Practitioners, the School for Global Somatics, and by the Jewish women who have taught her resilience, compassion and bravery.

Sonya Shah

Sonya is the founder and director of the Ahimsa Collective, a restorative justice project that works to respond to harm in ways that foster wholeness for everyone. She is also an associate professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sonya is a Buddhist, a first-generation immigrant from the Northwestern part of India and feels most at home in nature. She has two amazing children who remind her what it means to be in love all of the time, and currently resides in northern California.

Thomas Kruse

Tom is program director for the global challenges portion of the Democratic Practice program of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Tom served as an Advisor to the Bolivian government on trade and debt relief and as Program Director at the Bolivia chapter of the Social Watch Global Network. Tom has been a leader in international climate talks and global social movements for decades.