A Letter to Our Beloved Watershed Community

Dear Watershed Family…We miss you! 

A Pause on Hosting Retreats

It is with considerable sadness that we acknowledge that we do not anticipate being able to host retreats until later this year. It is what we love most about Watershed – our family style gathering – that makes hosting retreats in a time of social distancing so difficult. That being said, we intend to resume hosting retreats as soon as we are able to do so safely. We have been working closely with retreat centers from across the country to assess our criteria for re-opening. Please feel free to reach out. We would love to hear from you. 

What is Happening at Watershed

In lieu of residential retreats this year, our Watershed staff deepened our commitment to our local community. We helped to organize a local Millerton Community Care Network, and through this network we produced hundreds of masks, bone broth, and bread for our community. We offered healing circles and yoga. We provided support for the creation of a local food pantry and for local mobilizations around the Movement for Black Lives and the election. 

This summer we also experimented with offering camping-based retreats. We received a generous donation of 20 very large and deluxe tents and offered camping retreats to frontline workers, organizers, and artists free of cost. We called these retreats Frontline Revival – Seriously Socially-Distanced Retreats for Rest, Restoration and Revival. While different from our residential retreats, our staff put a lot of love and energy into making sure everyone felt comfortable and well held.  We also planted a medicinal garden alongside the yurt and built a stunning new waterfall trail. We can’t wait to show them to you! 

Support our Fiscal Sponsees

We are have been tremendously proud to be able to support the timely and essential work of our fiscal sponsees. We invite you to consider supporting them too.

  • Dissenters is a new national movement organization that is leading our generation to reclaim our resources from the war industry, reinvest in life-giving institutions, and repair collaborative relationships with the earth and people around the world.”
  • InMyWords is a youth-led campaign to reimagine justice and healing for all sexual harm survivors and to fight for solutions at the scale of the problem.
  • Project Truth, Reconciliations, and Reparations is building a people-powered, intersectional mass movement to surface the origins of our inequalities and dismantle the policies and narratives that keep us divided, and  push for reparations that will heal our relationships and our democracy.
  • Relational Uprising supports communities and social movements to foster resilient, interdependent, relational culture of complex connection and inclusive collaboration. A culture that strives to align with the life protective principles of our ecology.”
  • Rock Steady Farm is a LGBTQIA+ owned and operated cooperative farm, rooted in social justice, growing sustainable vegetables sharing land with Watershed.
  • Root Rise and Pollinate  is a strategic project to catalyze and nurture a transnational community of feminist human rights advancers, organizers and movement builders using embodied practice for social transformation. 

We hope to see you this summer. 

With love, 

The Watershed Crew

Our Mission

The Watershed Center is a retreat and resource center for changemakers. We offer seminars, workshops, consulting and organizational retreats designed to help people align their lives with their own deepest sense of purpose, to strengthen the creative capacity of organizations and to facilitate strategic conversations in service of democracy, ecology and liberation.


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