Programs and Services

The Watershed Center is focused specifically on providing educational opportunities for individuals and organizations, including non-profits and small businesses. Our programs are designed not only to impart information, but also new ways of connecting to one another and to our own deepest sense of purpose. All inquiries can be sent to

Organizational Development and Facilitation Services

Our organizational retreats are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group we work with. We specialize in working with worker coops, social justice organizations, non-profits and small businesses that share our commitment to building sustainable, vibrant communities. We help groups

  • Craft and revitalize their Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan
  • Design transparent, democratic and effective organizational structures
  • Develop healthy communication skills and organizational cultures
  • Transform conflicts into growth opportunities
  • Commit to efficient workflows and back office practices
  • Prioritize collective self-care

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Our Core Practices

The Watershed Center incorporates the following five practices in all of our services:

  • Aligning with Purpose and Vision: grounding our lives in what gives us meaning and in the world we long to create;
  • Embodying Awareness: cultivating wisdom, resiliency, and choice through body-centered inquiry, contemplation, and practice;
  • Cultivating Connection: creating a culture of compassion and respect for ourselves, each other and the earth;
  • Generative Communication: developing skills for deep connection, courageous listening, honesty and empathy;
  • Authentic Collaboration: building robust, mutually enriching and accountable partnerships for social transformation.

Watershed led us through a creative process that allowed us to rediscover and articulate our shared principles and to restructure our organization. The integration of yoga and meditation allowed us to delve deeply and productively into topics that, before, had been highly charged and divisive

–Bilen Berhanu, Black Urban Growers

We are beyond grateful for everything the Watershed has done for us. Your guidance, support, humor and care has truly made it possible for us to be where we are now — in a place of excitement, growth and thriving.

—Kaya Weidman, co-director Kite’s Nest Learning Center in Hudson