Retreat Inquiry

We are so excited to have you back to Watershed!

We are all stepping into a new reality. We are committed to doing this together and doing no harm. 

Given the type of communing that we offer at Watershed, we know this is not straight forward. We are thankful that we can explore being together again with groups that we already have meaningful connections with. 

We are currently accepting inquiries through the December 2021
from returning groups who have been to Watershed previously only.


Please note that summer retreats with food service are 20-30 people. Sleeping will be mostly in deluxe tents with indoor sleeping space on a very limited basis, based on access. We are offering our yurt, the barn and the 40 foot tent for meeting and dining space.


Fall Retreats will be indoors. We are also only booking retreats at 20-30 person capacity for the Fall. We are committed to only hosting retreats that feel reasonably safe and will remain in communication with you and your group, as the year progresses.


We are renting the Bertha House for self-serve (do your own food) organizational retreats, for days that we do not need the house for our larger retreats. The Bertha House has 4 bedrooms, a full kitchen and a nice meeting area. It sleeps up to 12 people. It requires comfort with shared space. We rent Bertha for $400 / night (with a 2 night minimum).

Please fill out the following details and we’ll get back to you promptly. If you have further questions, you can contact