2021 Watershed Institute: Arts in our Changing World

Alexis Rockman’s Pioneers (2017)

We invite you to join us for a very special seminar on Arts in our Changing World

Led by a team of international artists and scholars, this seminar will take place at the Watershed Center in Millerton, NY and partnering local venues in the Hudson Valley Region throughout the months of July and August. 

We will be offering a series of residential seminars and public facing lectures on how art both responds and gives shape to our changing world. We will be exploring the interlocking issues of war, climate change, and social divisions, with burgeoning advances in culture, media, science and technology. The past year of the pandemic only makes this exploration more potent. Using Community Action Research Methods, we will engage the public in creating a collaborative installation responding to the grief and hope most present in this historic moment

This seminar is currated by renowned socially engaged artist scholars Leonidas Martin and Andrea Paz:


Martín is a Professor of Artistic Policies at the University of Barcelona. As an Art, Culture and Contemporary Thought specialist, he frequently participates in international conferences and meetings. Martin’s production as a multimedia artist always develops in a hybrid field where social processes and artistic practices are blended. Martin is a founding member of the artistic collectives Las Agencies and Enmedio. A large number of the projects he has carried out in the last two decades have been exhibited in museums and artistic institutions in several countries. He regularly publishes articles dedicated to researching the functions developed by artistic practices in different social processes. Doctor of Fine Arts, Martin studied at the Universities of Castilla-La Mancha, Gent (Belgium) and Trondheim (Norway). He also studied film script and creative writing in Barcelona and New York.

Andrea Paz Cortes Navarro (Chile)

Navarro is an internationally recognized theater director, playwright, audiovisual director and performer. In 2015, Navarro received a Master Degree from FiraTàrrega, Spain. She is the co-founder of international art collective, Harinera Collective. In 2016. As the director of Silere Arts, with Maria Capell, Navarro focuses her work on developing an artistic language in dialogue with the urban, rural and natural landscape and architecture that create the foundations of life and culture. Her work links artistic practices within the social, neighborhood, urban and geographical context, allowing the connection between theatrical action and territory. Most recently Navarro’s work is focused on developing collaborative creative processes between artists and citizens.

Additional Faculty: 

  • Moamer Alsaedi, poet, (Yemen), 
  • Vemilo Evergreen, songwriter, performance artist (USA), 
  • Ashley Mayne, novelist (USA) 
  • Brooke Lehman, Social Ecologist (USA)
  • Chaia Heller, PhD poet, writer, psychologist (USA) 

This seminar is limited to 25 participants. Watershed has funding to subsidize room and board, but cannot pay your travel costs. 

For more information and to receive an application please email: brooke@thewatershedcenter.org